2007 List of Laughter Clubs in NSW

Updated for 2012

According to now defunct

Laughter Clubs NSW Inc

As background information, the list of NSW laughter clubs reproduced below is taken from  Laughter Clubs NSW Inc. (LCNSW).   With the passing years its getting more and more out of date, but is worthwhile to reproduce here.


LCNSW was an organisation that was established as a self regulating,  nonprofit organisation in May 2000 by Shirley Hicks (www.shirleyhicks.com.au), a Sydney based Naturopath. The organisation’s goal was to bring laughter to the broadest section of the community. Shirley believed that laughing in the park should be a free community service and not a way to raise money, so the policy was there be no charge to attend, in line with the philosophy of the founding father of laughter clubs, Dr Madan Kataria.  Laughter Clubs NSW was therefore supported by the effort of volunteers. 


Shirley also provided quarterly one day workshops on laughter leading, on completion of which attendees were automatically covered under the association's public liability insurance should they choose to run a free community laughter club.  I believe the cost of the insurance was met by someone's generous donation.


At the start of 2007 laughter leader training was suspended because, in Shirley’s words, “the resources of our Association are very limited” and that laughter leader training was now being provided locally by Dr Kataria on his occasional visits to Australia, and also by Steve Wilson’s organization in the USA.


Around August 2007 the Laughter Clubs NSW website closed and Shirley advised (in a private email to a third party) that the organization was folding although individual clubs would continue to run but independent of any official organisation.  Ownership of the  Laughter Clubs NSW website (www.laughterclubsnsw.com) has transferred to a Japanese organization which has nothing to do with laughter, most probably because that site had backlinks and page rank.  At the end of 2008 Shirley moved to Queensland.  Good luck, Shirley, and thanks for your all your work in the past.


As at the time of the closing of the LCNSW website, Shirley listed the following laughter clubs for NSW.  If you plan on visiting a club for the first time, best to call ahead to confirm its still on.  The demise of LCNSW means that, at the moment, there is no umbrella organisation for laughter clubs in NSW.  I created this website for fun, but am happy to hold together what I can as regards laughter yoga and laughter club opportunities in Sydney and NSW. 


Please email me  to update this list.   


Cheers,  Usuff Omar.




Time & Day

Contact Name

Contact Number

Balgowlah School for Seniors (doesn't meet during school holidays)  Jim informed me on Jan 28 2012 that this club will probably fold because of lost of regular members


Uniting Church Hall

Tuesday 11.00am

Jim Murphy

02 9949-5773

Bondi Beach  

The Chapel by Sea, 

95 Roscoe Street, Bondi Beach, NSW

11.00am Saturday

Julia Gusman

0450 743 795

Ashfield - Call ahead, not sure still on. 

Ashfield Park near the BBQ area where Ormond Street and Gower Street intersect

Saturday 9.15am

Uttam Mukherjee


Sydney CBD - Call ahead, not sure still on.

Suite 203 127 York Street - opposite QVB’s middle entrance on York St side.


Friday 12.30- 1.30pm

Michael Shineberg

0403777360 or email David Low at dave.m.low@gmail.com


Central Coast-  Terrigal Confirmed going strong April 2010, thanks, Hans.

Terrigal at reserve on  corner of Willoughby Road and Terrigal Drive, picnic table closest to lagoon on Willoughby Road

Saturday 8.30am

Hans Schwedler








Still going strong! Feb 2012

Shelley Beach

Saturday 8.15am

Michael Mitchell

02 9520 6104



Active Feb 2012

Energy & More Yoga Studio Lindfield Arcade (near train station and above Franklins) 27-31 Lindfield Ave Lindfield

Wed 6.30pm

 Bernadette McGree
 aka Laughing Be

 0411 087 363

Galston   Going strong! 2013. Thanks, Cherie.

Fagan Park

Sunday 9.00am

Cherie Richey-Lowe

0422 547 678

Hobart Laughter Club Going strong in September 2009 - Thanks Annette!


 St. David’s Park, near Rotunda  (under large pine tree if raining.)     

Saturdays at 10am 




Still going.

Hornsby Park

Saturday 8.30am

Maria Keeler

02 9482-2488

Hunters Hill

going strong 2013!!

Valentia Street Reserve Woolwich

Saturday 9.00am

Chris Kaye 


Liverpool Womens Health Centre (Women only)  ??

26 Bathurst Street Liverpool

Thursday 10.00am

Peta or Lorena

02 9601-3555

Mulgoa  ??

Mulgoa Park

Monday 9.30am

Elizabeth French

02 4773-8574

Active - Oct 2011

Showground in Murwillumbah

Wednesday 10.00am

Cathy Hulme

02 6672-6817

Newcastle  - Throsby Laughter Club 

Confirmed July 2011

Islington Park, Islington. (Meets between the children's play area and the footbridge to Tighe's Hill.)

Saturdays, 10.30am

Virginia or Anna

Virginia 0417 293388 or Anna 0403 043647


Newtown - Going strong, into 11th year now.

Camperdown Memorial Park

Saturday 10.00am

Leadership rotates from week to week.

Leadership rotates from week to week.  Co-ordinator is Adrian Hill.

North Sydney 

I lead this one :-)

 North Sydney Community Centre, 220 Miller St, next to and behind Stanton Library, North Sydney

Sunday 5.00pm 

 Usuff Omar




Source : Laughter Clubs NSW  Inc


Another source of laughter clubs in Sydney is the Laughter Yoga International website.   (Again, check before going as parts of the list may be outdated.)


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