February 6, 2016

11th Anniversary Celebration

Newtown Laughter Club
Club established by Rowena Fiennes in May 2001

Laugh for health! And Fun!

Laughter promotes healing, especially emotional healing, and a sense of wellbeing. Laughter Clubs originates from India where Dr Madan Kataria created a global phenomenon with the first laughter club in Mumbai in 1995. Newtown Laughter Club creates a space where natural laughter can occur, without reliance on comedy or slapstick. Because, in essence, life is funny. Overcome stress. Meet new friends. Sleep better.

Time : 10am every Saturday (excluding major holidays)
Place : Newtown at Camperdown Memorial Park, nearest where Hopetoun and Federation Street meet. See map below.
What if it rains : If weather is inclement, the session will be cancelled.
Open To : All. From age 0 - 104.
Requirements : None. Just the willingness to experience something new.
Parking : Along Hopetoun Street or adjoining roads.
What To Bring : A water bottle. And a cap (as it's held outdoors in the park.)
Booking : None needed. Just turn up.
Cost : Absolutely free.
Contact : Usuff Omar 0400804354 usuff.omar@gmail.com